Dextro's Clone System for VRChat

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Non-Destructive update now available

The Clone System now enables compatibility with on-upload avatar systems like VRCFury and Modular Avatar! Just update and select "Apply on Upload" in the UI for the new version.

Dextro's Clone System is a Unity asset designed to automatically generate an interactive, controllable clone of your VRChat avatar.


  • Fully copy your avatar's movements in any location, orientation, or size
  • Up to 3 separate clones supported, each can be a different avatar
  • Record and playback your movements over a short period of time, with slow motion and fast forward options
  • Attach the Clone to any point on your body or drop it into the world, attached clones animate fully in any orientation
  • Select exactly which options you want to save parameter space
  • Copy your avatar's Gestures and Visemes to appear more lifelike
  • Copy or merge all of your clone's FX Layer Animations, with a toggle to lock the clone animation state

The clone is easy to setup in Unity, with a previewable copy of your avatar that can be used to change where the Clone is positioned when you drop it into the world. Different levels of playback time and quality can be selected, as well as which features you would like your Clone to have. The Clone System will automatically populate your SDK3 Expressions Menu with all of the necessary toggles and controls. You can also cleanly remove the Clone System from an avatar with a single click.


  • Newer VRChat SDK3 supporting Bool parameters
  • At least 2 bits of Expression Parameter space for minimal function, up to 46 for all features or possibly more with multiple clones (options are individually selectable with a Parameter space readout)
  • One empty Control slot in your avatar's main Expressions Menu to place the Clone submenu
  • An avatar with a valid SDK3 Avatar Descriptor, custom expressions, and FX layer

The Clone System should be compatible with almost any Humanoid avatar that has been configured correctly in Unity and matches the above requirements.

Current Limitations:

  • Non-Humanoid avatars not currently supported
  • Dropping the clone while moving quickly may desync its position for other players
  • The Clone is a full-featured copy of your avatar, meaning it will double all of the properties used by the Avatar Performance Rating system, likely marking you as "Very Poor"
  • Different avatars added as a Clone with animations need to match Write Defaults for the primary avatar
  • Quest Avatars are not currently supported, due to Constraints not being allowed

Terms of Use (Personal Version):

  • Dextro's Clone System is for use on both public and private avatars that you upload under your own VRChat account.
  • The Personal license is not for commercial redistribution. A user purchasing or receiving a commissioned model with the Clone System included must either own a copy of the Clone System, or the seller must own the Commercial license.
  • Do not redistribute, reupload, sell, or otherwise claim the Clone System as your own work. All standard copyright terms apply.

Terms of Use (Commercial Version):

  • The Commercial license is for use on public and private avatars that you upload under your own VRChat account, as well as commissions sold to other users, completed avatar packages sold on platforms like Gumroad/Booth, and any other form of avatar sale.
  • Clone avatars generated with the commercial license are free to be sold and distributed with the Clone System package and all generated animations included, AS LONG AS the original code located at Assets/DexCloneSystem/Editor/DexCloneSystem.dll is removed (delete the file). 
  • Avatars and works sold under the commercial license must still credit the author, and the code itself is not to be redistributed to others through these avatar sales. As usual, do not redistribute, reupload, or sell the original code, or otherwise claim the Clone System as your own work. All standard copyright terms apply.

Thanks to uber5001 for code support and allowing me to use some of their animation scripting. Check out their 7Display at

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Dextro's Clone System for VRChat

284 ratings
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